Assorted metallic tattoos - FestivalFace - 1
Assorted metallic tattoos - FestivalFace - 2

Assorted metallic tattoos

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These new, metallic temporary tattoos are set to take the country by storm,  and it's clear to see why they will appeal to so many young women out there.  Already worn in the States by stars such as Beyonce, the demand for these tattoos is set to be huge. They can be worn as bracelets, anklets, rings and necklaces,  and with an assortment of designs available each girl can create her own look. Sure to be seen at night clubs, parties and gigs up and down the country they are sure to be a big line. 


You will receive one pack of assorted tattoos, designs may vary, please change quantity if more than one required. 


Easy to transfer and done in seconds, these tattoos leave a shiny, bold and eye catching statement, which will look equally stunning on the beach or in the clubs. They come with full instructions and pictures on the back, and of course they are all fully tested to European legislation (EN71). 

Assorted metallic tattoos - FestivalFace - 2